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Good Game, Good Game

By  CJ Boom     13:28     
That's it, done and dusted. No more National Trophies.
Finished 6th in the Rutland Cyclo cross which lifted me to 4th overall.
Pretty bloody happy with that. The series was actually pretty hard and over the races I figured out what I should be doing and when, how to get the best performance, remember to put warm up cream on my toes!
Rode Mavic R-sys and also Mavic Reflex wheels with tubs which worked a treat, in the well greasy conditions of Rutland. At first I was nervous about the course couple of technical off camber bits. I flipped myself off in the practise lap, providing much comedy value to Dan of Sigma Sport

But it was a really good season

To to review :
Best National Trophy Cyclo Cross courses:
Ipswich and Rutland

Derby - too much boring grass

What I'm sticking with next year:
Mavic Reflex rims on a Shimano Ultegra hub. Lightweight tub wheelset

What I'm sacking off:
Shimano M540 pedals - bloody things clog with mud

Best rider:
Annie Last - but Hannah Barnes is most consistent

What I'm doing next year:
Warm up cream on toes and always ride the course 3 times

Thing that changed my life this cx season:
SKINS - they are compression tights which improve blood circulation and therefore recovery. Whether it really does I dunno but makes me feel like i've not got excuses.

Going back to race 'em all next year. But I'm glad its over

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1 comment:

  1. Time Atac or Crankbrothers Eggbeater next year then?

    Great season for you, even if you have lapped me too often for my own liking.

    Next year I plan to actually be fit and take it seriously. I must beat Rene eventually.