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Got hooked up

By  CJ Boom     20:55     
DVS and Matix hooked me up this winter.
While I'm riding (skiboarding) out in Austria all this kit is coming in handy. What I like best is:

Hello you cheeky mix of grey and pink - the DVS Gracie Mid Snow- the shoe that is for around town (also available in black). Slick look, comfy ankle support. Proper beege it around town in these.

Something for the evening - less snow clown more Austrian gluevine time. Boom time gotta love the Shiloh boot. I've got  them in the white, as does Laura of Rapha. Not great when you turn up in the same outfit and boots but hey it means they are sick wicked. even walking about in them in the snow they stayed waterproof and dirt free. thats why they are sick.

Best tee for slouching but still looking alright - winner MATIX Palmer Tee (beggar style) gotta love that dog.


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