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Need to buy goose fat

By  CJ Boom     12:28     
Its going to be pretty cold going into Sunday. Currently snowing in Brum, location of this year National Champs. Luckily though the weather says its going to stop snowing and just be sunny but amazingly cold.

I've thought up some options - fyi leg and knee warmers are not allowed as its not truly cross.
Exception - I am not a full Belg hardcorer so will wear gloves.
  1. Roubaix skinsuit - probably too late to order from Champion Systems (mental note, order for next year)
  2.  Layers - warm up cream, goose fat, maybe some more warm up cream - will make the grit stick
  3.  As per Ian Field - wear cling film on feet, latex gloves uneath normal gloves
  4.  Put warm up cream in my eye just before the start. therefore will ride round faster in hope to finish quicker. also will distract from the cold on bare skin
  5.  put hotwater bottle inside skinsuit - may be fall out and difficult to run with
  6. deal with it - probably going to do this


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