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By  CJ Boom     20:55    Labels: 
Rinsed all my cash hard on some bindings. But the Burton P1's i've been using for years are perhaps a bit stiff and unforgiving. they don't give you an inch and if you try it they'll kick you a mile. Perfect for hardcore racing and a simple week of riding. but day in day out they get tough and you can't relax on them and some days you do need to.

Went for the Burton Custom. Lower backplate which suits my bigger calve (not coz i'm fat but thats just girls legs alright).
What I wish I bought last year was the 2008 Stair Master Extreme board. WANT WANT WANT. Looks sooo nice and now you cant get it. You know what else I wish I'd bought the Burton Cartel - hot pink edition but I didn't and now i can't find em - even scratching around on ebay. LAME.


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