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First Win

By  CJ Boom     22:41     
Took myfirst win of the Eastern Cross League for the season and hopefully I have started as I mean to go on.
Had a good start which took me up to 4th wheel going into the first bend. From here I wasn't really slowed down only lost ground to the faster vets. 
Punctured with a lap and a half to go. But it wasn't a spectacular blow up, cruised back to the pit and collected by other bike but the pressures were off. Noticeably harder to control the bike riding at 45psi when I have been on 30psi front and 35 psi rear. 
Thus lost a couple of places in those closing 8-10 minutes of the race. Just being gentle on the lap last through corners.
Note to self: prepare both bikes. I know this, but I won't forget every again.  

I'd really like to ride to a top ten overall in the Vets/Womens race in the Eastern League. 
Another good race and course. I do enjoy the league and how efficient they are with the results. 
Lap times: 6:426:526:576:487:087:34

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  1. Sounds like it's all coming together for you. It's nice when it happens. BTW don't let @crossjunkie find out you've been running your tubs so hard....

  2. Great win Clair, despite the tyre pressures, would have been a real bummer if they'd have made a difference to the result!

    Two races down, hope that's all the lessons learned :)

    BTW I took some great pictures at Fowlmead last weekend, here's a link if you are interested...