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Strap it up

By  CJ Boom     14:29     

I have S-Work road shoes for racing and S-Works MTB shoes for cyclo cross. I train in Specialized Pro shoes to keep the race shoes crisp and white. I've spent alot of time in my training shoes and feel fine. I did two rides in my race shoes and now the lateral side left knee super aches even on my road bike.
My cleat on that foot for that shoe must be out a few mill or something.
I decided to use this roll of Garmin edition Rock Tape (a brand of elastic therapeutic tape) as an experiment. So I can keep on riding. Seems to be working out fine. Just look like a bit of an idiot walking around with an argyle pattern on my leg.

I'm no orthopedist, chiropractor, or physio but I have visited all three for a torn shoulder issue that has plagued my bike riding for the last five ish year due to an accident with a car (their fault). After an hour and 20 minutes of cycling I get this pain in my left shoulder. Usually painful numbness. From neck to the rotor cuff. I'm going to try the tape through the cyclo cross season and see how I get on.

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  1. The tape is supposed to work very well - although you may get better results having it applied by a physio as there is an art to applying it dynamically, which may be more difficult on your own ...

  2. Sounds like you need to see a 'structural integrator'. I've dropped a note to my physio who might contact you.

  3. I refuse to reply with a witty comment.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elastic_therapeutic_tape#Evidence

  5. Hmm, seems someone wants to make comments under my name. 'CJ Boom'. I've signed in under my username. This is (THE REAL) CJ.

    Thanks for your comments. I'm not looking for the tape to heal and injury. Its just something that is out there, I got for free and I might as well try. The knee injury has already gone away. It was that small and boring. Anything serious I would also visit the Garmin Team Physio, Magic Matt (who has a practise in Croydon).
    The purpose of the tape is so that someone can buy it and apply it themselves, you follow the videos online to apply it correctly. Its a cheats guide to not getting something sorted or if you away on holiday and don't speak the local physio lingo.

    Like with massage, and all of this stuff, it pretty much has no evidence. That said everytime I've had a massage I feel fresh as a daisy.

  6. I used to get medial pain in my left knee. Saw a physio and got it sorted. Not saying don't try tape but I prefer listening to a professional over some funky tape and a 2 minute video on t'internet.

    Lesson learned get two pairs of identical shoes for training/racing. Mavic Furys x2 will ruin my wallet :(

  7. Hey @Mike saw you got some pretty slick wheels in that cross bike of yours. Nice build.