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Not so shabby

By  CJ Boom     13:17     

I rode my final road race of the season at Hillingdon. I only needed to get a point for 10th and I wasn't contesting the overall series win so this was just a see how it goes, get as much high energy work in as I could.
I went for an out of control long sprint from basically at the club house I wound the pace and opened a sprint on the bottom corner.
I started to fade at 100m to go. I always hold the sprint off until 200m to go.  Meh, but I had nothing to lose and in the end 3 riders came past me just at the line.

Then I raced on Sunday. In a double header weekend. The cross was way more successful. But it was like an road race. The grass was hard and compact. I ran my pressure at about 38psi .
I got into a group on laps 2-4 but because it was flat the guys were just alittle bit more powerful and I was finding myself in and out of the saddle after every turn.
After lap 5 I had a good lead and I eased up, well could no longer hold the wheel of the group. My times went out from the 6.20 per lap to 6.42 and then I decided to knuckle down for the final lap and got a 6.33.

Having to dismount and sprint up stairs 21 times was good for the ol' technique though and my dismount to the steps I managed to refine to keep up the speed but not take more than a step before the stairs. 

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  1. Great race [sunday] Claire! Especially after the effort on Saturday!