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By  CJ Boom     10:57     
She rode the Nocturne 2011 and various Tour Series races, National Road Races.
I've ridden cross against Miss Garner and she smashed me then. I cannot believe that I might one day turn up to a National Series race and ride next to somone that has a rainbow jersey. Such is the dumbness of the British Cycling scene for girls.
But at the same time, there is some serious talent, Armistead, Hannah Barnes and Garner. And they don't look like a horse, or an ugly butch boy under a helmet and glasses (if you know what I mean).
Chapeau to Miss Garner. May you lap me at a cross race whenever you want.

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  1. I saw Lucy garner in a 3/4 crit I was racing at Mallory park. After the start I didn't even notice she was there until she shot past me on the second to last corner and sprinted into second place.

    One thing though, does it really matter if a woman looks like a horse, or an ugly butch boy under a helmet and glasses??? Surely all that matters in racing is how hard/clever you can ride a bike, not how physically attractive you look!

  2. I don't mind if people look how they look. But Victoria Pendleton has raised the profile of ladies cycling and more tv time because she looks nice. I don't mind either way. Just something I noticed.

  3. Chapeau indeed!!!
    "May you lap me at a cross race whenever you want" :) funny!

  4. It's a sad indictment of our times that you get more TV coverage and raise the profile of a sport because you look good... It's a funny old world. I remember the stick that Fatima Whitbread used to get for not being "pretty" enough - must be very frustrating!!