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Done it

By  CJ Boom     12:35     
Done my first proper cross race. It was muddy and then the sun shone. I was hot and the mud went to sticky heavy gloop.

Made mistakes on laps 1-3 by running the short sharp climbs when I could have ridden them.
I was riding them in the second half of the race but that was too late.
The leaders were always just 30 seconds away. I saw them at exactly the same place and junctions where the course doubled back every single lap.
I rode a 44t and I couldn't get enough speed. I think my smashing around on a road bike means I need to upgrade to a 46t.
I was consistent lap after lap and finished 3rd. But I think I should have been with Nikki and Delia, trying to at least challenge for 2nd. Need to improve my fitness on smashing into the wind.

From the Garmin data, I wasted lap 1.  I let people get infront of me and slow me down, my heart rate never really trips above 180 not like the other laps. I should have been pushing through and taking risks, getting past these guys who think they are strong but can't handle a bit of twisty singletrack. Go head butt a tree.


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  1. "Go head butt a tree", love it, I may have to use that one some time if you don't mind?

    Paul S

  2. Vicious Velo were certainly conspicous in their awesome kit Claire.

    It was a great race, shame your tactic didn't pay off. I had run those climbs before and always thought that it was quicker but I think the course had been adjusted slightly to make the up easier to negotiate.

    Nice going!

  3. You took my flickr link off, sorry if I broke protocol.

  4. ok, so i'm an idiot, i was in the wrong place!