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British National CX Champs - Women : Predictions

By  CJ Boom     17:47     
Predictions are all about opinion and we all know that a predictor will try to pick something left of the field. I'm going to do that but not with the 1st placed riders, they are all too experienced to be phased but a National Champs. Lower down it's the overall and silver and bronze medals that will mix it u.

1st  Overall
Who: Helen Wyman
Why: More experienced, more talent in her little finger than most, nice long legs to jump freely over the up hill hurdles. She's fast and this year while she let her other ex pat Brits beat her a few times, she was always ahead when it counted in world cups.

1st Vet
Who: Louise Robinson
Why: Previous silver medallist at the World Champs, Sydney Olympic Games MTB rider and former National Champ. This year the two National Trophy races she rode, she won and finished 2nd in the other. A simple walk in the park for the Stourbridge CC rider.

1st Junior
Who: Lucy Garner
Why: Earning the right to wear a rainbow gives one a huge confidence boost. Her first race back to cyclo cross in 2011, she chose a National to do it at and won it. Moving clear of the current Junior Champ, Payton. This is just another junior title for the World RR Champ.

So who else where else?
1st - Wyman
2nd - Annie Last
3rd - Nikki Harris
4th - Louise Robinson
5th  - Gabby Day

Day, always a strong finisher in National Champs has alot to contend with this year, her World Cup results have seen her figure at the sharp end of the top 20. She did crack the top 10 at the very difficult Koksidje course but top 10 placings haven't followed. Robinson looks to be fired up and ready to go and will take on Day.
The other Ex Pat Brit, Nikki Harris has plenty of form to be pleased about.  A 5th place at the Euro's, a couple of World Cup top 10s and podium finishes in the GVA races. She's is very hot on Wyman's heels over in Belgium but when there aren't the same competitors around and riding in groups, out on her own Wyman will motor away.
Last, is a mountain biker, who found victory in extreme mud at the Bradford round of the trophy, her first National CX of the season.
Last has placed 11th in the CX Worlds in 2010 (a first lap crash, curtailed Wyman's performance). Last placed 2nd in the World and European MTB champs, that's a lot of calibre. The hottest MTB of her generation but one who is focusing on the 2012 games XC training not CX victories.

Lower down
6th - Lucy Garner
7th - Isla Rowntree
8th - Hannah Payton
9th -
10th - Delia Beddis

The rest of the top 10 is made up of the usual suspects from the National Trophy plus the addition of Lucy Garner finding 6th. Garner hasn't been seen at many races this year but she's has buckets of CX bike riding experience. Isla Rowntree, Payton in a three in previous races with Adela Carter (not entered) and that doesn't look like it will change, but with Carter not seen at recent races. 9th spot is open.
Beddis, a surprise contender to the podium in Bradford and regular to the top 5 at National Trophy level. She must keep her head and avoid an outright sprint for the line against a competitor and she'll safely conclude the top 10.

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