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Round Up

By  CJ Boom     12:21     
A customary - an end of CX year round up (2010/11 season, 2009/10 season)

The ViCiOUS VELO photo stories serve as a great recap too...
Derby by Us
ViCiOUS VELO do a Herne Hill  Race by Gem Atkinson
National Champs by Cyclephotos.co.uk

My Best Ride:
Bradford - 6th
Full on sloppy mud carnage. I didn't fall off on the descent once.

Best National Course
Shrewbury - Sundon Sports Ground
Well, Shrewsbury is a newcomer and it has firmly knocked Bradford off its mighty thrown. Others that should be noted,Derby and Bradford was legendary, again!

Worst Course
Southampton - Rd 3
Not very interesting, not very hard. Just a playing field. This may not have been helped by my super fast start which then put my in the red before the end of lap 1.

Most Mud
Bradford - 6th. Fun though and I was jet wash duty. Go to the course it has the best atmosphere

Best B&B
Didn't stay at a B&B this year, there were lots of races within a 1hr 30mins drive. Booking in advance means you can get a room for just £19 with Premier Inn, they are spacious, good pillows and a great shower. Just don't buy it last minute for £80, thats just not worth it

Best Ride
Nick Craig at the Bradford Rd, he's still able to get on the podium. And for me Bradford and Derby I felt great. But I FINALLY got a medal (albeit a silver one) in the Regionals after plenty of years of misfortune.

Most improved
David Barnes & Delia Beddis
For David he had to compete against his nemesis and truly talented Dan Tullet. David was consistent and always 2nd. He picked up alot of medals along the way.
Delia has turned into a Top 5 super star, if she doesn't fall off and keeps her head (according to Andy). She battled twice this season for a 3rd place and podium. In the end, consistency at the sharp end of the field meant she was 2nd in the series overall.

Best Piece of Kit
Disc Brakes
You will stop, they are the future

Best Accessory
Rugby Studs in MTB shoes
Not easy to run on tarmac in but they grip in hard, in hard mud or gloopy stuff.

Worst kit
Any other brand of tyre
Sorry - I really do believe that Dugast Rhino's even on FMB carcusses are the best tread around.
Don't put thick clown make up on your face and race. You will end up with stinging eyes and mashed up skin

Best Rider
Ian Field
Finally he's got the jersey he's always wanted.And he's going to take the National Champs jersey to Belgium.

Worst thing about cross this year
It stayed too warm and there wasn't enough mud, but that's cross. You got to be able to cope with hot weather in September. That's not that bad is it, really. Warm weather is nice.

Best thing
Being in a great team of people who have the same aims and want to help and shout at you.
Plus a photographer doing a feature on the team.

Moment I remember
Liam Killen falling off on the final corners, in the final lap, of the National Champ
Playing CX in the dark park and a old man shouting at Ben.
ViCiOUS VELO riders racing £2,000 for charityby cutting their hair into shapes.

Next year
I promise to race in Belgium.
I will get into the top 5 more than once
I will continue to race the Eastern League
I will train during Christmas and not just eat chocolate. I'll eat chocolate and cycle

What worked
Tabata Tuesdays
Morning runs with 20 bikes lifts and afternoon rides
Bikram Yoga - 2 times a week.

The Results:
Muddy Hell - Herne Hill - 2nd dressed as a clown ( 2nd from the top right)
Rapha Super Cross 1 - 2nd
Rapha Super Cross 2 - 3rd
Rapha Super Cross 3 - 5th (too much hill)
Regional Championship - 2nd

National Trophy Newcastle - Did not attend
National Trophy Leicester - 6th
National Trophy Southampton - 11th - did a silly start, learnt to control that!
National Trophy Derby - 8th
National Trophy Bradford - 6th
National Trophy Shrewsbury - 9th (broke rear mech on last lap)

National Champs Ipswich - 17th (not very pleased with that.)

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