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1959 vs. 2009

By  CJ Boom     11:59     

When I was at university and it would get to the end of the month and my funds would run low, rather than go into my free overdraft. I hate adverse credit, despite a free overdraft being at no negative affect to my finances, I tried my hardest to steer clear.
Ok, back to the point in hand, Risk. I played Risk, which was free fun entertainment rather than spend £30 at a pub in Brighton.
FYI - this didn't happen often. Like once, every three months in my final year. No one really went out as much at it got close to dissertation deadline.

I like the idea of Risk, and the longer I went without playing it, the more little strategies I would think up, for when I'd next play.
Then I'd actual get down to playing it, after an hour comes the realisation of the commitment needed to play it. Hence why it only had bi-monthly outings.

So I looked up purchasing the game and it turns out, like every board game, its be totally revamped and made to look like something for Xbox, and loads of new rules have been added.
OK I appreciate, they need to extend the product lifecycle and introduce new things to keep users interested.
But I want the fun Risk, that I remember.
So off onto Ebay I went.


Images Via Ben Ward.

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