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Stybar new Crux - Off the meat rack

By  CJ Boom     13:16     

I note that Stybar's Crux isn't using a front brake cable stop attached via the fork crown but the standard headset mounted, does mean the fork is not the standard Crux. Or is this just personal preference or lack of his team mechanics knowledge?

Nice to see he isn't rocking a carbon frame, I thoroughly disagree with carbon frame for CX (sorry Sheerso). 

Opting for canti's, rather than a disc or cable disc frame. But that's really got to be down to Stybar running Dugast on Zipps and Zipp not making a disc hubs. But with Avid making cable discs and Avid part of Sram I'd have like to have seen something.

I don't think he cares too much about that because there are rather lively rainbow stripes on the cotton side walls. Nice.

No SRAM Red chainset but Specialized priority OSBB system.
That said, I've got a pair of those babies and I like them. I'm sure my power output compares well to Stybar so he'll have a good experience...

There is a wee bit of bubbling at the top of the World Champ stripe on the seat stay. Therefore its all a load of stickers on a pink bike. I'm not saying its a resprayed Ridley. That is dumb, just noticing tiny insignificant things.

Pictures via Pez and CyclePhotos.co.uk 

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  1. I feel quite ill now. I think it was the hat more than anything.