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By  CJ Boom     12:05     
I've decided out of boredom and no friends to play with, to catalogue by board game collection.
It all began with the discovery of Careers at my Grandma's. My mum and aunty showed me how to play, this now extinct game. We re-used game sheets, that had already been scribbled on by Susan and Janice.  But half the cards and money for the game was missing.
So about 15 years ago, my sister and I went on newly discovered ebay, and we found a 1960's game of Careers, we mixed the two games together.
Then we just started buy more retro board games off ebay. I like their typography, their simplicity and 1960/70's designs. I enjoy nothing refers to computers, the internet within the games. 

Careers (1st Edition) - Waddington's 'Careers', is the board game where players get the chance ro choose between fame, fortune and happiness. Each player decides on his own formula for success and then tries to be the first to accomplish his objective.
The careers one can complete on the way to winning the game are, Farming, Being the First to go to the Moon, Uranium Prospecting.

Scoop (1st Edition) - you work at a newspaper, you aim is to fill the front page (game board) with headlines and adverts before anyone else. When you get a story, you have to call the Editor and move this weird little card telephone (on our game, this is nearly broken). The editor will OK or reject your story. This is how you fill your game board.

Formula 1 (1962) - your a race car driver and you have to complete a certain number of laps of the board before everyone else. Go to fast through a corner and you could puncture of spin off etc.

Cluedo (1960 & Simpsons Ed. 2008)
My dad hates the Simpson's edition.

Totopoly (1970's, 3rd edition)
Originally created in the 1930's. We've never really understood how to play. It has a 2 sided board.
In the first part of the game players purchase and train their race horses. The final part of the game is the race itself. Its not for simple minds, its for adults. I'd rather learn how to play Poker and win money.

Sorry (1950's)
Played many times with my sister when I was under 10. The game sometimes ended with me walking off in a strop (as I felt I was being picked on) or all of the players falling about laughing yelling 'SOOOORRRRRYYYYY' at each other as luck created misfortune for others.
'Sorry' is a board game based on Ludo, but with a twist. Rather than movement being decided by a dice roll, it is determined by a deck of cards.

Games I'm searching for:
Play School - Pick a Pair
Go - The International Travel Game
Spy Ring

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  1. Formula 1 and Masterpiece were my favourites.

  2. HA these are SO good! totes loving 'totopoly'... and cluedo was always a classic.

  3. No Horse-opoly? Disappointing.

  4. Hi igetcross! We are keen cyclists too (but not to the Rapha level, we're a bit older and wider than you clearly are) and my wife remembers playing Totopoly as a child. We want to re-create it - we have a set but have lost the board! Do you have a game set and would it be possible to send us a hi-res photo of each side of the board? We can then make a replacement board. Thanks very much Phil & Ali (panda@linus.plus.com)