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All White

By  CJ Boom     23:09     

Happy to say I'm get supported by Specialized. Recently a superb pair of prototype mud tubs arrived for me.
& for my winter hours on the road which start this month a pair of womens specific S Works showed up. Not yet available for UK female riders though...
They are all patent, all White with a hint of shiny silver. If they are anything like the S Works MTB shoes I think my feet are going to be pleased, especially in the pale light of dawn this winter.
But with a bit of flu and the snow, they will make their debut on my rollers.

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1 comment:

  1. Fresh to death boom!
    love these, reckon im gonna hold out until these are available, not gettin on with my sidi's at all at the moment, and need some PRO factor BOA in my life!