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Details of the Etape de Londres-sud.

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Greetings to all you Hardcore Sportivos.

Due to incredible numbers at the Regents Park training camps recently, you are welcome to join Colossus and Myself on our sojourns into the mountainous wastelands they sometimes call ' South of the river'.

We will try to ride Tuesdays and Thursdays, with reasonable weather, meeting at 6.15 pm. Please try to form an orderly queue outside the shop [ there will be a cut off point at Guilford St ].
Due to the high-profile nature of these rides, Colossus in particular stresses the need for attention to detail in your attire, you can contact him at Colossus@Fashionguru.com. Remember, these rides are NOT competetive, if riders seem to dissapear into the distance up the hills, its probably because you've been kind enough to stop and make sure I'm OK. Or it's because you forgot your bike.

That's it for this week, see you up the road. Remember kids, 'Say No To Steel'

Julian Cunnington
Sales Associate

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