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Rapha Festive 500 x Autumn Cup

By  CJ Boom     11:01     

Ok, alright. I'll bow to the social pressure and get involved.
Actually its basically a trimmed down global version of Stefan's Autumn Cup

To quote Stefan:

"Tomorrow I start with some friends over Europe, the 'Autumn Cup 2010', nothing to win, just a motivation game. From 01.10.2010 - 31.12.2010 we write down the hours we spend on bikes, any bike! No watts, no average speed, no km, just the time, the longer the better."

Sounds like a good idea to me...
At the moment in the Autumn cup its come down to Stefan R (265h 35min) versus Martin (276hrs 20Min).
I think I'm on about 42 hours or something.

I haven't been doing it in ernest really because I do the quality for cyclo cross at this time of year not the quantity for the road season. Hence why I'm shit at road races until about July. Oh well. The crits I can do from Spring and I like em more anyways, its my thing. I have a short attention span, so sue me...

Anywho's I still need to do miles otherwise I'll become a bloater. and it means I can have another mince pie, just one more quality sweet from the tin and wedge another roast potato onto my plate.

Anyways I'll do Rapha's Festive 500 that should pick it up. I've got routes planned to Windsor for cake (5 hours) and on the recommendation of Greame Raeburn I shall ride the Dulwich's 'Ride of the Falling Leaves'
Then I've got riding to cross training and back and my 40 minutes of tabata and pyramid turbo time.
All in all I might just be able to do the 500.

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  1. Don't think spinning / turbo training counts... as you don't actually cover any miles!

  2. well that could be disputed - the bike still gets worn and covers miles?

    Also Rapha said in there post - http://www.rapha.cc/the-rapha-festive-500
    that turbo miles count.

    So should I count them or not?

  3. + 6h 50min

    Anonymous, turbo is for real professionals, spinning for big guys ;)

    happy days all!

  4. Awesome looking cakes there, can I have one? :) How is the Rapha Festive challenge going so far? hope its more than 8miles on the turbo...

  5. well, all in all I managed 120 miles - not quite so Rapha epic - huh.
    But all of it was just at 186bpm just a beat below a heart attack