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By  CJ Boom     15:25     

I didn't race at Bradford. I really really wanted to. The course with the steps is a favourite of mine. Bradford was the place I did my first ever National level cross race, three years ago.

However, I didn't even pull my skinsuit on. 1 lap of the South East champs last week put me in the red and it took me a week of not riding my bike to recover.
I'd hope I'd wake up in Bradford to discover I was right as rain but I wasn't. So it was decided riding at Bradford would set me back another week. that would result in less time to prepare for the National Championships.
So I stood at the side and I yelled and yelled at all the riders who are my friends or ride classy or who I like. Hannah Barnes, Corrine, Ruby Miller, Louise Mahe and my new person Gen Whitson (who I sold my old cyclo cross frame to. It has a yellow Flanderian Lion on the seat tube if you see it). Shouting on people sure is fun. I alittle bit lost my voice.

I'd like to put a picture in this post but I'm not sure what of because there are hundreds of crash videos and pictures flying around the interweb at the moment.
Go to Vicious Velo blog for Videos and Cheryl Kings Flickr for pics of Hannah Barnes smashing into photogs. There is even one of me getting at hot chocolate at the Burger Van (DSC_3363).

Best ride was clearly Ian Field in the men's though, Gary Lingard is looking to be a serious podium hitter.
Andy didn't bin it for his whole race and smash the usual people he is placed with. Kev like me is still ill. Ben did better but he's still coming back after a month of not training.
I happily discovered Cheryl King has a super fluffy white dog, I tried to cuddle it. It was like a cloud with a dog face - (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ckingimages/4097605319/in/set-72157622664403151/)

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  1. Was it your old frame in the cyclo cross feature in the December Cycling Active? I wondered about the Flanders lion.

  2. Yes, thats my old frame. Its had a hard life, still going strong and a Ben Spurrier original design.

  3. Thanks for the photo of Missy Dog. She sadly left us on New Years Eve. A cloud with a dog face, hell yeah, a fitting tribute.