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By  CJ Boom     12:58     

Sickness. And not the good type, that Fearne Cotton often refers to (see below). I'm talking scratchy throat, tickly cough, yellow snot and difficulty breathing.

I got ill after what I consider my best ride of the season so far at the National Trophy in Southampton. I was properly motivated to climb inside the hurt box for the next two weeks ready for Bradford and the bigger picture the National Champs. However I was stopped in my tracks by sickness. Like hitting a wall. I spent 2 days asleep. Towards the end of the week felt better and rode to work.

South East Champs arrived at the weekend and after a warm up lap I could hardly catch my breath.
After one lap of the course I could barely get air into my lungs and called it a day.

I was so frustrated, I see this season as me climbing stairs. Each week is another step up to the landing. The landing being the National Champs in Jan. When you miss a week you don't stay on the same step your left legs bends and hovers dangerously close to the step behind.
Everyone else has their foot poised to make contact with the ledge above.
But, a good friend reminded me that if I had raced at the weekend then I would definately have two feet firmly planted on 2 steps below and at least I didn't do that.

I've never really been in this place before, where you want so desperately to get on the turbo and train. I hate the tabata sessions. I have been allowed by Grant and Condor to take what is called Pro Days every week until the end of the year.
A pro day consists of:
Morning training ride (2-3 hours)
Then a nap (1-2 hours)
Skill work on the rollers (30 minutes)
Then some testing of winter cocktails (at the Commercial, Herne Hill)

I've yet to do my winter miles for the road season as it conflicts with cross so my riding will do this. Riding the rollers either skill or interval will be the elements I need for cross.

Now, I said 2 things. The other thing is Letters of Note - I find it fascinating.

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  1. I feel your pain Boom. I've been in exactly the same position since Southampton, except I was already on the decline then. So glad I didn't didn't do the regionals after hearing your story but I'm at least back on the bike this week and taking it easy. Still not done any hard training yet and Bradford is looming large, maybe a turbo session tomorrow night...