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By  CJ Boom     11:33     
Well, well, well. This is a turn up for the books.

I wrote a post about how I took part in the Pret-A-Rouler cycling fashion show. I was dragged into it by Kristian House but it was a fun old event and I got to wear some dashing tweed.

Some days later a chap from another bike shop wrote a comment on my blog. It was rather agressive and didn't quite apply to me as it was directed at the organisers rather than 'roped in' models.

The comment demanded that the show not go ahead on the 14th Oct - which is a dumb thing to write on the 23rd Oct after the event.
In addition the chappy asked I acknowledged his correspondence, so I emailed him from my private email as this is a private blog. I was pleasant and explained I don't know anything about the organisation of the wonderful show but alas I didn't recieve an apology for his outburst or even a reply.

The chap called me up, just now, at work, asking for a free bike at the last minute for an event. Hmmm

Shall I call him back and explain to him that he was rude, I probably won't I'll just email him sorry I can't help you at this time. My reasoning is well mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But I'd bloody like too.


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  1. it would seem you 'reap what ye sow'
    Great news he didnt get a bike for his little 'event'... its sad that he wrote such a weird venomous post on a bloody personal blog, rather than eloquently get in touch with the actual promoters of said event. Ah well.... alls well that ends well!

    Merry Xmas dude

  2. I don't know if schadenfreude gives out bad karma, but you can always have a little dance to Finisterre by Saint Etienne, in a completely non celebratory fashion of course.

  3. Had he not written what he did on your blog would you offer him a 'free' bike?

    Can I call you up and get a 'free' bike?

    Merry Christmas :)

  4. I know it is of no real concern to you as you weren't the organiser but is "Pret a Rouler" actually a registered trademark?

  5. What a tosser. Best not to mix work and pleasure though.

    Btw, can I borrow the 'free' bike when chr15 has finished with it please?

    Merry Christmas Boom!

  6. Good skills on spotting the free bike oppourtunity.
    I tell you what, if you can win me a Tour Series or Nocturne maybe we can make a deal.
    I'd love to give everyone free bikes, just I probably wouldn't be able to buy cake anymore, or bread or maybe even water.

  7. My fave part:

    "If you do meet the terms and conditions set forth above, Velorution will take legal action against you for damages."

    If he wants to pretend to be a lawyer to try to scare you, he might want to sort out the difference between "do" and "do not".

    What a dingdong.