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on turbo outside sweet shop (of course)
That my friends is 1992 technology. LOOK KG carbon lugged frame and also not the first of Look's adventures into carbon they were well into their weave by the nineties.
Love the mondrian then for 2010 they brough out the premium collection. Below is the Look 586 Mondrian - perhaps a step too far. Gutted

bunt / b-uh-nt / verb.
1. to bunt is to eat a vast amount of food, namely cake or sugary goodness, in one sitting or in a short window of time. I was bit of a bunt this afternoon
bunting / b-uh-nt-ing / adjective.
1. explaination of ones eating habit. She did a lot of bunting today no wonder the fridge is bare
2. a description of one's actions when eating high quantity of cake
bunter / b-uh-nt-er / adjective.
1. round and plump
2008, from Grant Young (q.v) explaining the eating habits of his staff in an effort to stop them eating cake in the office all the time. Possible origination from the bundt cake that is baked in the unusual bundt pan.

About the Tour de Bunt, 2010
Two of Rapha Condor women's team most prolific eaters will embark on a unique adventure later this summer. Starting soon after the womens National road race and in an attempt to reward themselves after weeks of training they will begin their epic challenge.
In spring 2010 they discovered they share a love of soft moist goodness and in May the pair discussed the potential for a tour. In their discussion during training rides the two found they were bound to riding and racing only as a reason to feed their cake habit. To quell their addiction the riders have decided to overdose on the sweet baked food by taking on a multistage tour of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire. The aim is to discover the ultimate caramel slice, moist carrot cake and  the softest sweetest buttercream icing.

More to follow...

The Briggsy campaign is off to a flying start this week and hopefully on Saturday at the Nocturne Briggsy will knock a few out of the park.  Too excited about Nocturne FYI
This weekend there were so many races going on and I wish I could have ridden all of them.
It was my turn to assist at the Rapha Condor Crit series at hog hill and I chose to ride the womens race.

I wish I could have ridden with Ang in the Tour of Wales stage race as Maryka's tweets make it sound like a great event and I think she walked away with the leaders jersey. Elsewhere Curles, Katie and Rach went really far north like 6 hours away or something to Capernway National Road Race. I would have loved to ride that race on the Sunday but I wouldn't be able to get there after Hog Hill.

So anyway I made the most of being able to race on Saturday at Hog Hill. It was a bit of a mickey mouse race, with most of the strong London riders in Capernway or Wales. But a win is a win and Tash and I worked hard in the race, made the most of being able to do hill repeats on a closed circuit. Did work on the front, attacked and when it came to the final climb. I sprinted away to make sure a Rapha Condor name came over the line first. I would have loved it if Tash had won, I couldn't have raced without her. She has a high tempo that I can just sit on her wheel and she chips away leading me along.
One word - TEAM

Of course!

Its rare I get to win a race and rarer that I have enough certainty to raise my arms a few lengths before the line. So I thought you might as well do it when you get the chance and to full affect. FYI i was not the only person in the race there were like 10 others and I rode 300 miles at the tour of wessex at the weekend.