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Thank-you. This is me being delighted at squirting a can of cream on top of a yukky hot chocolate I bought at the Bradford National Trophy.
Now imagine if I am pleased with that, think about how happy I get when people write on my blog.

Gem Atkinson
Mr Annoymous
Pablo Jerez
Simon E
Andy Waterman
Kevin Vicious
Stefan Rohner
Alex Murray
Aaron Abitia



Thank-you. Merry Christmas to everyone. Go ride your bikes

The 500 is in km which is annoying as I only work miles, yes I know dying unit terminology.
So I rode 8 miles at 6.30am this morning. I did a tabata then got the X68 (final ride of the year) to work.

I am SO hungry right now and I only did 35 minutes work.

I did get my heart to go to 190 bpm - good times as my 2 week flu meant my heart rate max fell to 184 bpm, with a bit of training its slowly been climbing back. But I was at 194 bpm at the National Trophy in Southhampton so evidently I've lost some fitness.
Well, well, well. This is a turn up for the books.

I wrote a post about how I took part in the Pret-A-Rouler cycling fashion show. I was dragged into it by Kristian House but it was a fun old event and I got to wear some dashing tweed.

Some days later a chap from another bike shop wrote a comment on my blog. It was rather agressive and didn't quite apply to me as it was directed at the organisers rather than 'roped in' models.

The comment demanded that the show not go ahead on the 14th Oct - which is a dumb thing to write on the 23rd Oct after the event.
In addition the chappy asked I acknowledged his correspondence, so I emailed him from my private email as this is a private blog. I was pleasant and explained I don't know anything about the organisation of the wonderful show but alas I didn't recieve an apology for his outburst or even a reply.

The chap called me up, just now, at work, asking for a free bike at the last minute for an event. Hmmm

Shall I call him back and explain to him that he was rude, I probably won't I'll just email him sorry I can't help you at this time. My reasoning is well mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But I'd bloody like too.

Ok, alright. I'll bow to the social pressure and get involved.
Actually its basically a trimmed down global version of Stefan's Autumn Cup

To quote Stefan:

"Tomorrow I start with some friends over Europe, the 'Autumn Cup 2010', nothing to win, just a motivation game. From 01.10.2010 - 31.12.2010 we write down the hours we spend on bikes, any bike! No watts, no average speed, no km, just the time, the longer the better."

Sounds like a good idea to me...
At the moment in the Autumn cup its come down to Stefan R (265h 35min) versus Martin (276hrs 20Min).
I think I'm on about 42 hours or something.

I haven't been doing it in ernest really because I do the quality for cyclo cross at this time of year not the quantity for the road season. Hence why I'm shit at road races until about July. Oh well. The crits I can do from Spring and I like em more anyways, its my thing. I have a short attention span, so sue me...

Anywho's I still need to do miles otherwise I'll become a bloater. and it means I can have another mince pie, just one more quality sweet from the tin and wedge another roast potato onto my plate.

Anyways I'll do Rapha's Festive 500 that should pick it up. I've got routes planned to Windsor for cake (5 hours) and on the recommendation of Greame Raeburn I shall ride the Dulwich's 'Ride of the Falling Leaves'
Then I've got riding to cross training and back and my 40 minutes of tabata and pyramid turbo time.
All in all I might just be able to do the 500.

I didn't race at Bradford. I really really wanted to. The course with the steps is a favourite of mine. Bradford was the place I did my first ever National level cross race, three years ago.

However, I didn't even pull my skinsuit on. 1 lap of the South East champs last week put me in the red and it took me a week of not riding my bike to recover.
I'd hope I'd wake up in Bradford to discover I was right as rain but I wasn't. So it was decided riding at Bradford would set me back another week. that would result in less time to prepare for the National Championships.
So I stood at the side and I yelled and yelled at all the riders who are my friends or ride classy or who I like. Hannah Barnes, Corrine, Ruby Miller, Louise Mahe and my new person Gen Whitson (who I sold my old cyclo cross frame to. It has a yellow Flanderian Lion on the seat tube if you see it). Shouting on people sure is fun. I alittle bit lost my voice.

I'd like to put a picture in this post but I'm not sure what of because there are hundreds of crash videos and pictures flying around the interweb at the moment.
Go to Vicious Velo blog for Videos and Cheryl Kings Flickr for pics of Hannah Barnes smashing into photogs. There is even one of me getting at hot chocolate at the Burger Van (DSC_3363).

Best ride was clearly Ian Field in the men's though, Gary Lingard is looking to be a serious podium hitter.
Andy didn't bin it for his whole race and smash the usual people he is placed with. Kev like me is still ill. Ben did better but he's still coming back after a month of not training.
I happily discovered Cheryl King has a super fluffy white dog, I tried to cuddle it. It was like a cloud with a dog face - (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ckingimages/4097605319/in/set-72157622664403151/)

Tiramisu Cup Cake - Beas of Bloomsbury

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Is that a rat, or a cat or a dog?

My cold was getting better and now its far worse. I am so freezing cold today and everyone else around me is wearing t shirts because I made it so hot.
I am currently wearing:

Woolie Boolie Merino Socks
Ugg Boots
Howies Warm Felton Jeans - Flannel Lined
Rapha Crew Neck Merino Long Sleeve Jersey
Howies Chunky Merino Cardigan

I would say that this is perhaps more Merino than a sheep. This is now 2 weeks off my bike apart from a ride to work last week in the snow and tabata turbo on Tuesday.
Greetings to all you Hardcore Sportivos.

Due to incredible numbers at the Regents Park training camps recently, you are welcome to join Colossus and Myself on our sojourns into the mountainous wastelands they sometimes call ' South of the river'.

We will try to ride Tuesdays and Thursdays, with reasonable weather, meeting at 6.15 pm. Please try to form an orderly queue outside the shop [ there will be a cut off point at Guilford St ].
Due to the high-profile nature of these rides, Colossus in particular stresses the need for attention to detail in your attire, you can contact him at Colossus@Fashionguru.com. Remember, these rides are NOT competetive, if riders seem to dissapear into the distance up the hills, its probably because you've been kind enough to stop and make sure I'm OK. Or it's because you forgot your bike.

That's it for this week, see you up the road. Remember kids, 'Say No To Steel'

Julian Cunnington
Sales Associate

Sickness. And not the good type, that Fearne Cotton often refers to (see below). I'm talking scratchy throat, tickly cough, yellow snot and difficulty breathing.

I got ill after what I consider my best ride of the season so far at the National Trophy in Southampton. I was properly motivated to climb inside the hurt box for the next two weeks ready for Bradford and the bigger picture the National Champs. However I was stopped in my tracks by sickness. Like hitting a wall. I spent 2 days asleep. Towards the end of the week felt better and rode to work.

South East Champs arrived at the weekend and after a warm up lap I could hardly catch my breath.
After one lap of the course I could barely get air into my lungs and called it a day.

I was so frustrated, I see this season as me climbing stairs. Each week is another step up to the landing. The landing being the National Champs in Jan. When you miss a week you don't stay on the same step your left legs bends and hovers dangerously close to the step behind.
Everyone else has their foot poised to make contact with the ledge above.
But, a good friend reminded me that if I had raced at the weekend then I would definately have two feet firmly planted on 2 steps below and at least I didn't do that.

I've never really been in this place before, where you want so desperately to get on the turbo and train. I hate the tabata sessions. I have been allowed by Grant and Condor to take what is called Pro Days every week until the end of the year.
A pro day consists of:
Morning training ride (2-3 hours)
Then a nap (1-2 hours)
Skill work on the rollers (30 minutes)
Then some testing of winter cocktails (at the Commercial, Herne Hill)

I've yet to do my winter miles for the road season as it conflicts with cross so my riding will do this. Riding the rollers either skill or interval will be the elements I need for cross.

Now, I said 2 things. The other thing is Letters of Note - I find it fascinating.
I saw this about 4 Christmas's ago on BBC 2 and I bought the DVD. I looked on CrossJunkie's site and he has only just discovered it. Anyways reminded me to go home and find the DVD under my bed and watch it whilst the snow melts away.
Those pistons right there are going to snag the National Champs jersey in about a month. No brainer. 
Mr @FieldyCX

Happy to say I'm get supported by Specialized. Recently a superb pair of prototype mud tubs arrived for me.
& for my winter hours on the road which start this month a pair of womens specific S Works showed up. Not yet available for UK female riders though...
They are all patent, all White with a hint of shiny silver. If they are anything like the S Works MTB shoes I think my feet are going to be pleased, especially in the pale light of dawn this winter.
But with a bit of flu and the snow, they will make their debut on my rollers.

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