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Clearly I inspire. It literally is the only phrase that one should learn.
Yes, I think its wise to assume that if a horse stamped in your arm pit or you were doing a bit of fencing and put your foot up a horses butt then yes, you'd need an instant heat pack.
I'm pleased the packaging outlines the causes of pain in diagram form, ideal if your not sure if a heat pack is required.
I did another double cross weekend. I hopped inside the Specialized Fun Bus and headed under the sea to Belgium to watch and cheer the Brits at Koksijde which is something I love. I might go to Zolden on Boxing Day. The crowd and atmosphere is pure Belg.

Sunday I again woke up at 5.45 and this time went off to Southampton. Hardly the centre for cross and I was that impressed with the course. But considering 24 hours before I'd stood with thousands of freezing fans surrounded by some serious sandy bergs of a cross course. Anything the UK had to offer was going to pale in comparison.

The ground was frozen when I walked the course through with Andy. Between the Vets and my race the ground had unfrozen and I needed alittle bit less pressure to cope with the slippy corners. I chose to run Challenge Griffo's rather than Dugast Rhino's. There wasn't much mud and the ground was still hard. I decided an extra 1mm of height found on the knobble of a Dugast would be a drag and on what was looking like it was going to be a fast race opted for a Griffo as I wa sure of the grip it could offer.

A Good start put me into 3rd making the first turn. Pressure onto the crank to accelerate and bang, the bike shifted into the little ring and the shock of the change also yanked my foot out. The momentary lapse meant 4 riders screamed past me going into the wooded section. I regained my composure by the time we'd got back to the grass and from here I worked away. Focusing on keeping the tempo high. Focusing on accelerating on the flats and climbs.
By the end of the race I had secured 5th place. I'm extremely pleased and my best result yet. Griffo's were perfect, no little sit downs.

I was 40 seconds off 4th place which I need to work on. I think that is too big. I need to work on my pro Belgium style too. I needed leg warmers, thats not cool.

A highlight of Sunday was being selected for drug control and sat for 2 hours, drinking a total of 2 litres of water. I wore four coats and two wolly hats shivering trying to warm up. It was a horrible feeling. Until I was sorted and I couldn't leave and I couldn't eat.

I think that contributed to the disgusting stinking cold I'm struggling with today.

RJ has hurt her knee from an imbalance in her left thigh muscle. Which, means she has spoilt running club.
So we went on a power walk & slow jog today off towards Crystal Palace park.
I've been going down the park ever since I was a baby, i did diving training as it used to have an olympic training status and I trained there for when I used to play football.
Anyways it's always fun to go jogging past the dinosaurs. A man at RJ's work said there was an app for the park.
Today was cool and crisp.

My sister is a div there is no app, it's an audio tour you can do on your smart phone and we did and learnt some new facts.
Go look at www.audiotrail.co.uk/dinosaurs and there is a downloadable worksheet. Fun times.

I'd forgotten how good the program Paint is. Its the original Photoshop 1.0
This is a picture of Graham who worked the pits for me at the National Trophy cleaning my bike.
Thank-you Graham and David for helping and jet washing. 

Prototype Specialized Terra Tubulars arrived. They must have known I'd puncture at Mallory Park, unless they planned it that way.
They look good.
The Big S doesn't do things by halfs, more on Andy's blog about why the dominance of Dugasts may be coming to an end re the announcement of 3 new tubulars.
More details are on Bike Radar from the US
I'll be gluing them later this week after Thursday's gala dinner
I don't like it, its a bit flippin freaky, but it intrgues me - Hyde Park Pet Cemetery.
Love these, I don't know much though. Trust me if you like. Not my money is it
Well, I did alright at the National Trophy. Actually quite pleased with my result even though I punctured my Dugast front tub. Only that bloody wheelset I've been spending a load of time on in the last few weeks.

Original clincher wheel destruction - 1 hour
Wheel Build - 2 hours
Gluing - 3 hours
Sealing - an episode of X-factor (1 hour 30mins)

One must factor in drying time, you can't move onto the next stage without a day in between.

Drying - 48 hours

Total - 7 hours 30mins  ( incl dry time - 55 hours 30 mins )

I raced to precisely 23 minutes before I punctured at Mallory Park. Just as I was catching the series leader. I'd already smashed past the French lady and last rounds winner. I grabbed Emily's Kona and didn't give up, though I thought I was going to die (e.g. smash up into something) on her clinchers after riding about on those Rhinos.
A lap later I got my Condor back with a Griffo front and set about attacking the course.
When you get in the right mind set its amazing. I'm holding onto that feeling, big time.

And even though I only made the Rhino last 23 minutes, every bend was amazing and I loved racing every inch of the dreadful, bike destroying course.
I think it spurred me on in the final 2 laps.

Note: those nice people at the Big S, who help me out ALOT, are sending me something special. Should arrive in a jiffy bag today. Then I'm back to the glue.

This is a flickr story (slightly out of order) about the build and also a timelapse of the waterproofing. If you know about tubs and gluing then this is nothing new, but I wanted to document my first proper build. and I don't care if you've been riding Rhino's since you were 7.

Due to overwhelming and malicious pressure from members of the Ferrous Oxide Users Lobby [F.O.U.L.], we will welcome, albeit in limited numbers, Fibrephobes wishing to partake in training at Regents Park, usually at 6.30 pm on  Thursdays.

As you can imagine, this is a major compromise, neh, climbdown by the CarbonConsortium, one that has caused major rifts within its inner sanctum. We will have to stand firm against the imminent media ridicule, but rest assured we will be lowering our bars and raising our saddles in anticipation of future skirmishes up the cobbly road to Carbonisation.

All we ask of our new Skinny tubed cohorts is to observe 'gang etiquette, and doff  our caps as we wizz pass the massed ranks of Preraphaliteweights as they galantly fight their way up the drag to Camden in 39x29 while planning next season's assault on the Col d'Ighgate.

That's all for now, but remember we still have in stock limited numbers of "MY OTHER BIKE'S A CARBON" stickers.

Went to Richmond and Wimbledon. Quite a good game. Andy bought a Viennese Finger it was massive. Photo credit (Andy Waterman)

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I reckon my answers to the questions are pretty good, no repetition of a pacific word, no use of funny hand movements too much, shame about the hair, looks as though i've been blown by a gale from one side.
I's say its fairly embarassing but pleased with my efforts anyways.

I knew I could ride to 6th and I've managed it, ok the field wasn't that hard at the inter-areas it contained some of the usual suspects from the National Trophy rounds.
The course had 3 off camber tight turns, hurdles and lots and lots of grass.
Didn't feel that confident (ie I'd make mistakes, slow down too much, waste energy on turns, and wear myself out).

Mr Anonymous will be pleased to know I focused on the important (ok you were right, better result).

I didn't do a race or ride on Saturday, just had a mini burger platter and went to the Horniman Museum.
I drank a litre of water on the way there.
Had a banana 2hours before the start.
Rode the course 3 times in practise.
Used warm up cream
& worked up a proper sweat before the start.

I purchased ithlete as well to monitor my rest etc

We came 2nd in the team based part of the race. Got myself on the podium and a medal for the team effort.

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There is a man I work with.
He's 50 or so, small, bald, not fat & not skin or bone.
He's Landan through and through.
Not your typical stylish Rapha cad.
He doesn't understand the point in sportives.
He's a man of circuit racing, palace, hog hill and back in the daytime trials.
He's very old skool.
He talks only in gear ratios 53-14 is his favourite.
He is full of energy, he never stops.
He will always lend a hand.

So we taught him how to use email.
We taught him to find pictures of himself onthe Internet of LondonCycleSport.com

He started a chaingang after work. It's been going since the summer. It's training and talking is not really allowed.
He sent another one of his emails. It's the best thing I've read all week maybe all month.
I think you have to know, Crusher to get it. But still, I'd love to give him a column.

To all staff:
Greetings to all you Hardcore Sportivos. Due to incredible numbers at the Regents Park training camps recently, you are welcome to join Colossus and Myself on our sojourns into the mountainous wastelands they sometimes call ' South of the river'. We will try to ride Tuesdays and Thursdays, with reasonable weather, meeting at 6.15 pm. Please try to form an orderly queue outside the shop [ there will be a cut off point at Guilford St ]. Due to the high-profile nature of these rides, Colossus in particular stresses the need for attention to detail in your attire, you can contact him at Colossus@Fashionguru.com. Remember, these rides are NOT competetive, if riders seem to dissapear into the distance up the hills, its probably because you've been kind enough to stop and make sure I'm OK. Or it's because you forgot your bike. That's it for this week, see you up the road. Remember kids, 'Say No To Steel'
Julian Cunnington
Sales Associate

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I just read on Louise Mahe's / Hannah Reynolds (Mule Bar Girls) facebook that, and I quote "You hurt in training so you hurt the others in races [winkey smiley face]." Fair point.
Currently they are hurting me. I think its because they are powered only by pure organic mule bars and my cake isn't quite up to scratch.
Either way, tabata tonight after I go to Geoff Waugh's exhibition preview.
I'm going to only watch this video for the full thirty minutes on the rollers.

note: I find this video hillarious too
I was meant to be doing something like something important. I got distracted and began picking at things.
That's how it starts and before you know it, the cage is off the mech, there is a jockey on the bench, sprockets in the Safety Kleen tank and hmm a burning feeling on my leg.
So engrossed (sic?) was I in picking tiny specs of black dirt from my running gear, I didn't notice the chemical run down the industrial rubber glove and trickle onto the pocket of my jeans.
I placed my cogs to rest in their shiny new state, satisfied and cotent.
I just love digging away at something, pulling out the blade of grass that has wrapped itself inside the bearings of a jockey wheel. Whatever, it feels peaceful.
It's funny these cleaning projects don't arise by purpose. I've never said to myself, right this Saturday, my bikes getting over-hauled. It's more a case of one thing leads to another. Then I'm lost for like an hour. Cleaning something that really doesn't need that much attention.
If only i could end up on my turbo training away, squeezing out that lactate and sweat.

Nb-wiped the jeans with water but when I looked 10mins later a blotchy rash has appeared. It stayed there for a couple of days. That is proper strong stuff.

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This has been getting me through the Tabata Tuesdays. Well for the next two weeks until I get bored.

Warm up
Tensake - Coma Cat
TV Rock - In the air

Kelis - Acapella
Fake Blood - I think I like it
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll (A-Trak Remix)
Katy B - On a mission
D1 & Caspa - Back for the first time

Cool down
Cassius - 99 (Reset! Remix)
Foals - Spanish Sahara

Bike Fitting - Condor Cycles from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

Made a video and its on the new Condor site. Can I just say MY idea, MY concept, directed my ME - basically proves I'm an Idiot Savant. But I couldn't of done it without Adub and Ben coz Adub he can work the pixel gun and Benji the bike jig.

Originally uploaded by gregfalski.com
Two races in 24 hours hurts man! I've done stage races before but your legs don't feel tired in the same way. 40 minutes of going pretty hard hurts and then to finish late in the evening and repeat on course at the National Trophy the next day its difficult. I couldn't really contend with anything at the National. I tried my best but I wasn't strong enough.

Results like 9th can send you either way 1. into a sulk 2. motivate not to feel slow again.

Curley said that to me on our cake ride, it did the same for her and look at her. Racing in the same group as Helen Wyman at the Nationals.

More Tabata Tuesday's I think.