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Went to Malaga where it was beautiful and sunny at the beginning of Feb but still cold, hot footed to Austria after that for more snow. It was rad. Snowed alot, loads of powder. Bit minus 15 at night and usually minus 8 in the day. I was bloody freezing.
So I found warm alcholic things to warm me up.
1. Gluvine - in essence hot wine. Reminds me of Christmas
2. Galmisch - or something like that, basically hot milk but with some chocolate and RUM

Gonna try and make them when i get home. Probably epically fall.
Love gluvine because it's 2 euros for a mug. I love the taste of rum milk more but it's 5 euro a glass and a bit fatty. Regretbly mine will have to be another gluvine
Found this bar called the Sonnhof it has a open fire. That warmed my feet up defo.
The eidelweise bar ( top of edielweisebarn 4 manchair) provides the funnest way
for getting warm because at 4pm ever1 is made to stand on tables and dance. If u don't u get kicked out. Fair point, I kept dancing. Been finding it tough to get down the mountain of late.

Ate gerknodel aswell, chunky