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Spoils of War

By  CJ Boom     12:07     
I suffered my first major race crash ever on Sunday. Last time I properly fell off my bike was about four years ago when a car couldn't wait behind me and over took as we passed an island forcing me into a parked car.
Anyways racing is different, crashing is part of racing and really you can't do nout about it. I've avoided a few crashes in my time, jumped into hedges and bushes for soft landings this time my bike was brought to a dramatic stop as someone elses went skittling across the road and hit mine.
I shut my eyes as I flew through the air, I'm not exactly sure what happened but I landed on the back of my Specialized 2D helmet. Its broken but at least that is not my skull.
I tried to get up and another rider who came down was asking me if I was ok but I couldn't muster a response. I could just force my brain to calculate 'Yeh'.
That instant pain is a good thing it means your not really hurt. A whack to the head really makes you confused. You don't want to think. You don't want anyone to talk to you. I just wanted to be at peace in quiet silence to process thoughts.

Apparently I went down, tried to sit up and then hit the ground again and lay there, quietly. They said they I didn't move or say anything for alittle while. I don't remember this. There was another girl screaming and then all of a sudden she wasn't making any noise. I can only assume my brain shut off for alittle bit.

Things I have learnt.

Always wear your helmet - I ride just as fast on my commute to work. The day after the crash I don't half have a thumping headache this morning but I'd have alot worse if there wasn't carbon and polysterine (sic) to cushion the blow.

Always wear gloves - I have skin on my hands this morning and brushing my hair without skin  on hands would be impossible. Doesn't bare thinking about. I'd probably look like a monster.

Baselayers - they save skin too, my skinsuit is missing the back. Its going to work well for ventilation and thankfully the crash ripped through my skinsuit and not my skin thanks to the shielding baselayer. It doesn't matter what the temperature is. Wear one. Wear a string one from defeet if you have to. The road rash on my hip properly stings and I am so pleased that its not on my back otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to sleep.

I'm not scared going into this weekends race at the South East Champs, if anything I want to prove and make up for the race I didn't complete. Roll on racing.

Now to find a picture of the crash

Note: I was dazed on Monday still when I wrote my post. I didn't mention that Cassie Gledhill a very experience rider was brought down and I wish her a very speedy recovery as she took the full brunt of the crash. In essence I banged my head and hip and scratched off some skin. Where as she broke some bones. Best Wishes and get well and back to racing.

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