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Plane Sailing

By  CJ Boom     21:33     
Not a bad day as days go. I was dreading it actually, already pretty tired from a late one at wednesday's Rapha launch, Thursday was a serious struggle.
But it turned out really well, bit sereal.
Got up at 5am for a flight.
Landed 9am.
Sunshine makes eyes feel less heavy.
Celeb Big Brother house mate Dane Bowers on my flight.
Spanked a load of cash on airport taxi's.
Had a morning meeting, lots of good things got decided, happy with outcome.
Got shown an uber skittles website.
Had a nice lunch, I didn't have to pay for it. Had half mozzarella and pesto sandwich half soup. It was a combo I didnt eat someone elses lunch.
Glorious sunshine beautiful city.
Got to get a snap shot as I walked around. Like what I see, not my original impression.
2pm cracked down to some hard graft.
3.30pm tackled some tough questions.
4pm sat and listened contently surprised at what I understood.

6pm back to airport. No mad rush as flight delayed by 20mins.

Had a delightful dinner, spicy crayfish and noodles, banoffee pie. Still lemonade and a cheeky pims while the sun shone.

Bored so smelt perfume.
Cheaper than usual, so got me a Chanel top up.
7.40pm get on flight.
Empty just like the morning one. Got free rein, opt for window seat this time.
Read Heat Mag for a bit of escape from the serious.
One seat space between me and a gent on my aisle.
Love the space.
Started Heat Mag crossword, he leans over tells me an answer. Hello who does that?
Anyways so got nothing better to do so me and Ron, we complete the crossword, I ask Ron if the Look Mag crossword is up his street. "Ok why not"

9pm - Flight lands. He says " oh by the way my name is Russ"
9.05 - Oopops, ha ha.
9.15pm - "sorry," I say "must dash there is a direct to east Croydon."

See ya Ron!

At about 4pm I was properly feeling the waves of tiredness creeping over.
On train now and don't feel too bad, going to watch Eastenders when I get home on catch up.

Love it when your day totally breaks from the norm!


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