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Just read this on a product, "The cup can take up to 3oz/80ml, perfect for those after meal espresso’s or to give yourself a boost in the morning."

Don't do that, ever. Blocks the absorption of iron from your meal. If we break this down into simple terms. Iron = your blood = you need iron = not ill, less tired, better riding and recovery.
Well well well. The result of two other people coming together on the opening corner and I'm the one in the hedge. Not just any hedge, a leafless, solid twig wall.
7th 9th in National Trophy from basically a sitting start. 
Happy & not happy with that. Excited about racing Essen next weekend but not about the gouge in my leg.

Thought I'd mix up my play list ready for Christmas. These tracks are best played loud through ones earphones in a fixed space. Remember kids riding with headphones on the trail or the road equals danger. 

Disclaimer: listening these tracks won't cause a  direct improvement to your VO2Max, wattage or lactate threshold, but they will help you get through the toughest of tabata's and the most painful pyramids providing a stepping stone to your next performance goal (that is, if you like drum and base, garage and dance music).

Photo: Balint Humvas report Cyclephotos.co.uk

Photo: Balint Humvas report on Cyclephotos.co.uk
I returned to Antwerp to race Soudal Classics – Scheldecross. The aim was to beat last year's 20th place but mistakes in the cut up deep sand on the opening lap forced me right down the field. The third lap a similar sand related mistake occurred leaving me floundering on the beach. The fourth lap, the jigsaw went together perfectly and I made it to a group and then rode through them to secure 29th and make up 5 places.
I know I would have been much faster and further up the field if  in the technical sand I have run the moment my Dugast touched the golden grit but in the practice laps I could ride it, it had just become alot more cut up as the day went on.

I felt tired but excited to race in Ipswich at the Southern and Eastern Championships. The course was open and flat, no climbing and a few technical wooded section, a bit of sand and a run up.
Strangely I wasn't gridded, so lined up a row back from Louise Mahe (Mule Bar Girl). When the gun went I struggled to get past the back markers on the early bends and the time gap to Louise went out to 20 seconds.
I caught up to 2nd place at the end of lap 1, but the twists of the course meant I had to sit on and catch my breath and wait until the start/finish straight to attack and overtake. The 10 second lead Louise had remained and she was motoring away on fine form. Another sand related mistake happened on lap 3 when I wasn't quite clipped in after the run up and then in the wrong gear for the little bump after, it meant I lost another few seconds. In the end she just pulled out a lead that I couldn't shut down and I felt I didn't quite have the power to eek about another 2% after riding a tough race in Antwerp.

Data from the race:
              Lap 1 - Lap 2 - Lap 3 - Lap 4  - Lap 5
Louise - 11:07  - 7:21   - 7:25   - 7:25    -  7:33
Claire -  11:24  - 7:22   - 7:33   - 7:35    -  7:31

My silver British Cycling medal to add to the other three!

Took a basic EOS camera to round 4 of the National Cyclocross Trophy in Milton Keynes. 
A cold day with splashes of winter sunshine. 
These are a few incidental shots.

I finished 11th from the field of 25. Had some annoying pedal issues on lap 1 and 3. After a muddy run up I just couldn't engage the cleat and for nearly a whole lap I balanced the right-hand pedal, occasionally kicking it to clear mud or just in angst that I was engaging. 

The first time up the steep weaving switchback I was too nervous to climb out the saddle for fear of slipping off the tiny metal surface. My calf began to twitch with the onset of cramp. A flood of riders came past. 
On the second approach past the pits finally, quietly clicked into place.
On the final lap I prayed it wouldn't do it again as I drew closer to 12th place. I was in luck and put my head down dug in as I saw 11th ahead, it came down to the final corner before the start finish, I got to the bend first, held the line and as soon as my tyre touched tarmac began to sprint. Nail the position on the line. 

December is packed with important CX races, which will make base building over Christmas alittle easier. 

1st Dec - National Trophy, Milton Keynes
7th Dec- Soudal Classic, Scheldercross Anterpen (C1)
8th Dec- Regional Championships
14th Dec - National Trophy Bradford
21st Dec - Bbank Post Trophy, Essen (C1)