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Jersey Pocket

By  CJ Boom     15:51     

Ride: 29 miles with 3x3min above LT, 5 min recovery. Mid session 3x20sec power climb accelerations, 3 min recovery.
Jersey: something from Rapha
Contents (L-R):
Helmet peak - for bright sun or rain
Spoon - in case I meet Eddy Merckxx on a road made of porridge
Micro Pump
Analogue Stopwatch - techincally I wear this around my neck for accurate timekeeping
Inner Tube
Medium Goats Cheese Pasty - for sustainance on the climbs

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  1. Topeak pocket rocket... How durable are they?? I've had mine since October but only had chance to use it twice. I stick mine on the mount that attaches to the bottle bosses.

  2. Very durable I think, me and the 'theRocket' have shared many outings. Lezyne probably better but PocketRocket was cheaper. Get to a good pressure.
    Only thing is, if you'd had it since October why does it matter if it's good, I dont think you can take it back and sounds like it's lasted nearly a year.

  3. I was just wondering how long I should expect it to last. I'm a bit paranoid about pumps breaking while I'm miles away from home - it's happened a few times. All bar one of all the pumps I've ever owned has failed to stand up to repeated use. The pocket rocket has lasted nearly a year but that's because I've only had to use it twice in that time!

  4. Crazy, I carry a spoon around with me every where I go too!

    That pasty sounds delicious!

  5. Captain B - now I understand you. Ok yeh that is something that could be frightening.
    Well I'm not sure what to suggest. Maybe stronger tyres so you get less punctures and thus less useage of your pumps?
    I still have this Specialized BG pump, it has 2 heads for both valves. I've had it since 2002, still going strong but it is not as elegant as a pocket rocket. So I've retired it to the winter bike and it clips on one of those bottle cage brackets.

  6. Chr15 - i made the pasty myself (true story). It has chilli in it and poppy seads on the top. I used an egg glaze to make them stick during cooking.

    I ate the pasty within the first 15 minutes. I should have waited until I'd had my porridge with Eddy. It is more of a first course.