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More Structure (fyi - dull)

By  CJ Boom     18:02     
I went on a 2-3hr ride because I like cycling and I also later in the day was going to BBQ/house warming. It could not be missed, my life wouldn't be fun!
The other thing is - me knowing me, I must eat everything and pour 35ml-40ml measures of rum with my coca cola.
I just don't have control. But I'm not sorry either.
So, I go for a ride.

I have been structuring my rides to hopefully get the most out of them. Sometimes I ride the same roads and climbs again and again, it can get tedious. As I'm an inner city kid, it means I have less routes.
So to get over the tedium, I've got little goals to work to. Stops me slipping into a low heart rate, doing junk miles. This way I see it as putting a brick in the wall I'm building. Then it isn't a chore, it has a reason and can be evaluated.

The ride
Strength is the ability of the muscle to exert force at a specified pace and varies for different muscle actions. To strengthen the force that muscles can exert, slow-heavy loads are needed. Explosive power is high angular velocity at the point of impact, resulting in the immediate application of torque to accelerate.

In order to improve muscular speed and neuromuscular pathways I found a steady long climb, stayed in the big chain ring. Sometime during the climb, did a 20-second acceleration at fastest pace without interruption and without shifting gears. (Represented by the arrows).

The Anaerobic Stuff
To work on my bodies ability to deal with and clear lactate and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
In cross or a crit an attack might last half a lap (cross) or couple of laps (crit). Lets say 3 minutes.
So I did 3 efforts at riding right up there in that uncomfortable place. Heart rate zone 4 and alittle bit zone 5. (Green circles)
5 minute recovery if possible.

To conclude
The 3 minutes efforts need to be closer. Didn't get my gearing right for first sprint, too easy. I will repeat part of the course so I can do more 3 min efforts and 3 more sprints.
I'm writing this down, here, because I need a diary I can look at when I'm anywhere. This is a good as place as anyway.

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