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DVS and Matix hooked me up this winter.
While I'm riding (skiboarding) out in Austria all this kit is coming in handy. What I like best is:

Hello you cheeky mix of grey and pink - the DVS Gracie Mid Snow- the shoe that is for around town (also available in black). Slick look, comfy ankle support. Proper beege it around town in these.

Something for the evening - less snow clown more Austrian gluevine time. Boom time gotta love the Shiloh boot. I've got  them in the white, as does Laura of Rapha. Not great when you turn up in the same outfit and boots but hey it means they are sick wicked. even walking about in them in the snow they stayed waterproof and dirt free. thats why they are sick.

Best tee for slouching but still looking alright - winner MATIX Palmer Tee (beggar style) gotta love that dog.

That's it, done and dusted. No more National Trophies.
Finished 6th in the Rutland Cyclo cross which lifted me to 4th overall.
Pretty bloody happy with that. The series was actually pretty hard and over the races I figured out what I should be doing and when, how to get the best performance, remember to put warm up cream on my toes!
Rode Mavic R-sys and also Mavic Reflex wheels with tubs which worked a treat, in the well greasy conditions of Rutland. At first I was nervous about the course couple of technical off camber bits. I flipped myself off in the practise lap, providing much comedy value to Dan of Sigma Sport

But it was a really good season

To to review :
Best National Trophy Cyclo Cross courses:
Ipswich and Rutland

Derby - too much boring grass

What I'm sticking with next year:
Mavic Reflex rims on a Shimano Ultegra hub. Lightweight tub wheelset

What I'm sacking off:
Shimano M540 pedals - bloody things clog with mud

Best rider:
Annie Last - but Hannah Barnes is most consistent

What I'm doing next year:
Warm up cream on toes and always ride the course 3 times

Thing that changed my life this cx season:
SKINS - they are compression tights which improve blood circulation and therefore recovery. Whether it really does I dunno but makes me feel like i've not got excuses.

Going back to race 'em all next year. But I'm glad its over
Rinsed all my cash hard on some bindings. But the Burton P1's i've been using for years are perhaps a bit stiff and unforgiving. they don't give you an inch and if you try it they'll kick you a mile. Perfect for hardcore racing and a simple week of riding. but day in day out they get tough and you can't relax on them and some days you do need to.

Went for the Burton Custom. Lower backplate which suits my bigger calve (not coz i'm fat but thats just girls legs alright).
What I wish I bought last year was the 2008 Stair Master Extreme board. WANT WANT WANT. Looks sooo nice and now you cant get it. You know what else I wish I'd bought the Burton Cartel - hot pink edition but I didn't and now i can't find em - even scratching around on ebay. LAME.

Its going to be pretty cold going into Sunday. Currently snowing in Brum, location of this year National Champs. Luckily though the weather says its going to stop snowing and just be sunny but amazingly cold.

I've thought up some options - fyi leg and knee warmers are not allowed as its not truly cross.
Exception - I am not a full Belg hardcorer so will wear gloves.
  1. Roubaix skinsuit - probably too late to order from Champion Systems (mental note, order for next year)
  2.  Layers - warm up cream, goose fat, maybe some more warm up cream - will make the grit stick
  3.  As per Ian Field - wear cling film on feet, latex gloves uneath normal gloves
  4.  Put warm up cream in my eye just before the start. therefore will ride round faster in hope to finish quicker. also will distract from the cold on bare skin
  5.  put hotwater bottle inside skinsuit - may be fall out and difficult to run with
  6. deal with it - probably going to do this