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Stop what you are doing right now and watch this whole teaser video for Benedict Campbell's new film about cyclo cross.


I'm finally putting the years I spent at university to good use. 
Don't know your DOMS from VAM, Creatine Phosphate to the Active Synapse or the Bohr effect?

Only kidding I'm chatting heart rate, training, that burning feeling you get in your legs when you cycle harder, fitness and body as part of the Rapha Women's 100 evening. 

Wednesday 25th June, Women’s evening in @raphacycleclub LDN. Register here: bit.ly/1lKMsFI 

After @Andywaterman showed me this video on holiday I been obsessed with the song, shame I'm about two years too late to this party. The video aired in August 2012 and appeared, apparently on a few Hot Things of 2012 type lists.
I like it because Dena appears to have emerged from the brain of a mildly satirical blogger. If you Google the phrase "hipster clubber" you get images of twentysomethings looking, even standing, like her. She's so now, or now-ish, that she appears to be critiquing the hipster mindset. You'd think she was from Brooklyn or Bethnal Green, not Bulgaria 

File Next to: MIA, Dominique Young Unique, Kreayshawn. 
Go to: denafromtheblock.com