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Cycling books - trumps and mountains

By  CJ Boom     13:03     

Sorry, many months since I sat down to write.
I've been busy, cycling and procrastinating over on Instagram.

I did manage to put together the text for this book which melds the brilliant drawings of Nigel Peake with mountains we all strive to conquer.
There is a mix of European legends, American classics and Columbian monsters.
It is bound using a special glue that will enable you to detach the pages should you wish. The pages are designed to fit nicely in a 11 x 14 inch frame and printed on lovely art paper.
Shortlist magazine found it entertaining.

Buy the book here

I also pulled a few lines together to sit beneath Rupert Smissen's wonderful illustrations in a new game; Cycle Stars.
I love trump card games and I love this game, it works well with the other game I wrote the text for; Battle of the Bikes (also with lovely illustrations).

Buy Cycle Stars Game here 

Buy Battle of the Bikes Game here


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