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Angry Cadel

By  CJ Boom     12:51     
I get angry sometimes and I bang my bars when I loose a sprint by a wheel. Its only natural because you've just expended a whole load of effort to try and the feeling of winning is soo great but missing it sucks. So I can see why Cadel Evans gets cross but when he gets cross oh boy is it delightful.

After yesterdays stage at the Giro, super team Sky crashed and bought down Cadel he rode alone to limit his loses. He spoke to journalists after the stage but got a bit sick of one of them according to cycling weekly

"Frustration from the lack of support and the crash showed as Evans lashed out at a TV journalist at the finish. He laughed it off later, but it had been his first trying moment of this Giro d'Italia."

Keep up the good work Cadel hopefully they'll have it on You Tube soon. I wish someone would make a montage.

Question - Who carries a fluffy dog around at the Tour de France? Surely its just annoying?

He cares alot about ol' Fido

No dog in site but it was probably in the hands of the TV camera man

Its that dog again

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