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By  CJ Boom     18:44     
Toughest course in London. Fact.
Summer means Tuesday night Crystal Palace, 17 races that each week inflict serious pain in the legs and make you feel like you are breathing razors. Each week I go back its such an excellent course.
Canadian born Maryka Sennema attached a small camera to her seatpost. She wanted to see what happens in an attack,  how quickly the bunch caught her and for her own research her performance in the race.
All the 25 laps of round 2 were captured - check out part 3 (below) laps 9 through to 13 where I played a starring role on her wheel (can I just note I did race the the 60mile Chesire Classic 48 hours previous).

At the end of the race I took second to Emma Patterson (2nd National Derny Champs). Check out our sprint for the finish and note our two different sprinting styles.

Emma's seated track hand on the tops style versus my Husvord out of the saddle on the drops


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