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Take a good Look

By  CJ Boom     19:57     

Take a good Look bicycle, then ride it into the ground, race etc etc blaaaaaahhh!
So basically it's so old it's got 9 speed Dura Ace with the pointy hoods. Old is quite not true it's not like I have original 6 speed. But when this bike was first bonded together when I was doing my GCSE's.
I've been riding an S Works with full 7800 Dura Ace, Dura Ace wheels and carbon bar, stem, post everyday to work.
The commute takes me through Camberwell on the legendary Walworth Road to up town. PLENTY of chances to run down. Ride into a hole.
And I think that perhaps it's a bit of a risk so I rather damage something that doesn't matter as much and I can still race at the weekend because my bike isn't crumpled into a heap by some 4x4 wealding townie.
I'm liking the retro style. Look 281 frame, skinny carbon square-ish tubes and alu lugs.
I've decided to rock a White Turbo saddle, white bar tape and a miss-matched set of wheels. A random grouppo matching Dura Ace front and rear Krysium SL.
Bring on the flex.
This is the first time I've ridden 7600. It's smooth it doesn't click. The BB is uber free feeling and smooth. Not too bad for a commute back. Yeh, man with mountain bike and rucksack I'm still gonna do ya at the lights...effortlessly


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