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Bloody Hell

By  CJ Boom     11:48     

Originally uploaded by gregfalski.com
Two races in 24 hours hurts man! I've done stage races before but your legs don't feel tired in the same way. 40 minutes of going pretty hard hurts and then to finish late in the evening and repeat on course at the National Trophy the next day its difficult. I couldn't really contend with anything at the National. I tried my best but I wasn't strong enough.

Results like 9th can send you either way 1. into a sulk 2. motivate not to feel slow again.

Curley said that to me on our cake ride, it did the same for her and look at her. Racing in the same group as Helen Wyman at the Nationals.

More Tabata Tuesday's I think.

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  1. You got a wicked pic out of it anyway

  2. painted that doughnut jam on,

  3. Back on the cakes again eh? I knew it wouldn't last long ;)

  4. Didn't see any of the other women who rode the National at Halloween cross - maybe it's a case of needing to focus on what's important rather than chasing the glory....

  5. Oh yeh - its all about chasing the glory. You have to do these things, experience such a unique event. I would have kicked myself if I missed another muddy hell.
    A bonus is I won and I got some cash to buy a second pair of Dugasts.
    Fyi - Louise Mahe rode Muddy Hell and the Nationals.

  6. Anonymous ... I'm still trying to work out if you're serious or just trying to wind her up. IF you're serious then you should post using a name and maybe she can do whatever events she wants ... doing it for fun after all.

  7. Man with no name - your point is very valid. Pab, your right I'm doing it for fun. Muddy Hell was super duper fun. Boxed ticked, finishing nearly last, not fun. Box unticked. There is an inherent problem and thus I'm confusing two goals.
    Man with no name - I hope I haven't insulted you, and your actually a lady.