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By  CJ Boom     21:23     

RJ has hurt her knee from an imbalance in her left thigh muscle. Which, means she has spoilt running club.
So we went on a power walk & slow jog today off towards Crystal Palace park.
I've been going down the park ever since I was a baby, i did diving training as it used to have an olympic training status and I trained there for when I used to play football.
Anyways it's always fun to go jogging past the dinosaurs. A man at RJ's work said there was an app for the park.
Today was cool and crisp.

My sister is a div there is no app, it's an audio tour you can do on your smart phone and we did and learnt some new facts.
Go look at www.audiotrail.co.uk/dinosaurs and there is a downloadable worksheet. Fun times.


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