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By  CJ Boom     18:00     
I was meant to be doing something like something important. I got distracted and began picking at things.
That's how it starts and before you know it, the cage is off the mech, there is a jockey on the bench, sprockets in the Safety Kleen tank and hmm a burning feeling on my leg.
So engrossed (sic?) was I in picking tiny specs of black dirt from my running gear, I didn't notice the chemical run down the industrial rubber glove and trickle onto the pocket of my jeans.
I placed my cogs to rest in their shiny new state, satisfied and cotent.
I just love digging away at something, pulling out the blade of grass that has wrapped itself inside the bearings of a jockey wheel. Whatever, it feels peaceful.
It's funny these cleaning projects don't arise by purpose. I've never said to myself, right this Saturday, my bikes getting over-hauled. It's more a case of one thing leads to another. Then I'm lost for like an hour. Cleaning something that really doesn't need that much attention.
If only i could end up on my turbo training away, squeezing out that lactate and sweat.

Nb-wiped the jeans with water but when I looked 10mins later a blotchy rash has appeared. It stayed there for a couple of days. That is proper strong stuff.

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  1. I suggest you use a more environment- and skin-friendly degreasing / cleaning products - it doesn't have to be toxic to work.

    I use Finish Line citrus but am keen to try Green Oil's degreaser (review at http://road.cc/11548) after finding their Chain Lube to work well all year round.