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Well, I did alright at the National Trophy. Actually quite pleased with my result even though I punctured my Dugast front tub. Only that bloody wheelset I've been spending a load of time on in the last few weeks.

Original clincher wheel destruction - 1 hour
Wheel Build - 2 hours
Gluing - 3 hours
Sealing - an episode of X-factor (1 hour 30mins)

One must factor in drying time, you can't move onto the next stage without a day in between.

Drying - 48 hours

Total - 7 hours 30mins  ( incl dry time - 55 hours 30 mins )

I raced to precisely 23 minutes before I punctured at Mallory Park. Just as I was catching the series leader. I'd already smashed past the French lady and last rounds winner. I grabbed Emily's Kona and didn't give up, though I thought I was going to die (e.g. smash up into something) on her clinchers after riding about on those Rhinos.
A lap later I got my Condor back with a Griffo front and set about attacking the course.
When you get in the right mind set its amazing. I'm holding onto that feeling, big time.

And even though I only made the Rhino last 23 minutes, every bend was amazing and I loved racing every inch of the dreadful, bike destroying course.
I think it spurred me on in the final 2 laps.

Note: those nice people at the Big S, who help me out ALOT, are sending me something special. Should arrive in a jiffy bag today. Then I'm back to the glue.

This is a flickr story (slightly out of order) about the build and also a timelapse of the waterproofing. If you know about tubs and gluing then this is nothing new, but I wanted to document my first proper build. and I don't care if you've been riding Rhino's since you were 7.


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