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By  CJ Boom     12:40     
I reckon my answers to the questions are pretty good, no repetition of a pacific word, no use of funny hand movements too much, shame about the hair, looks as though i've been blown by a gale from one side.
I's say its fairly embarassing but pleased with my efforts anyways.


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  1. "no repetition of a pacific word"? Do you mean 'particular word' or 'specific word'?? I'm not a spelling/grammar nazi... and sorry to be pedantic. But this is what pacific means:

    - relating to or bordering the Pacific Ocean;
    - disposed to peace or of a peaceful nature;
    - the largest ocean in the world;
    - promoting peace;

    Aside from that, the video's cool, and your hair isn't that bad. Urban athletes like yourself are too busy keeping fit have to worry about their hair anyway! Well that's my excuse...

  2. The vids good. It was a bit harsh of them to superglue your hand to that bike though! ;-)

  3. nice one, good to learn some more about condor....

  4. Lee - i see your point about pacific, my use of it does make me look superbly dumb. I got it from the TV show 'the Inbetweeners'. Those naughty skool kidz use the word pacifically alot when they mean specifically. I thought it was funny, I guess I shall eat my words on that point, I shall do this by making some alphabet spaghetti and using the correct spelling .

    Pab - I that was my penance for using the word pacifically.

    Gem - thanks bro.

  5. This is hilarious. The start is totally mencap.

  6. Can't stop watching the bit where you're leant up against the shop front, just chillin' with your foot on the glass. Too cool.

  7. they made me do that. but i dig

  8. Well, I'd rather look superbly dumb than superbly pedantic ;-)

    To be fair, I knew a worringly large number of people who work in education (for example one of my college tutors back when I was a young chap) and other positions of authority, who use the word pacific instead of specific.

    But yeah, enough about that!

  9. So Miss bigshot Condor spokeswoman, I suppose I have to fly all the freaking way to London to get a Condor? I like the Acciaio. I love steel. A clip-on mic for next time would be good, to avoid the bottom-of-bucket sound, ala 499,997 million of 500 million You Tube vids.