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By  CJ Boom     10:14     

I knew I could ride to 6th and I've managed it, ok the field wasn't that hard at the inter-areas it contained some of the usual suspects from the National Trophy rounds.
The course had 3 off camber tight turns, hurdles and lots and lots of grass.
Didn't feel that confident (ie I'd make mistakes, slow down too much, waste energy on turns, and wear myself out).

Mr Anonymous will be pleased to know I focused on the important (ok you were right, better result).

I didn't do a race or ride on Saturday, just had a mini burger platter and went to the Horniman Museum.
I drank a litre of water on the way there.
Had a banana 2hours before the start.
Rode the course 3 times in practise.
Used warm up cream
& worked up a proper sweat before the start.

I purchased ithlete as well to monitor my rest etc

We came 2nd in the team based part of the race. Got myself on the podium and a medal for the team effort.

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