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Drip Dry

By  CJ Boom     11:35     
Also I know when you click the image - it loads a Google error. Sorry, I've fixed it but can't retrospectively change it. Well I can, but I'd rather go riding

One is in a unique place when they can say they have done every weekend task and thus actually have nothing to do. I'll hatefully clock watch until about 2pm, when the track champs is on.
It's so weird to be efficient, bike ridden, check before Sundays race. Wash both bikes and wheel sets. Drip drying and now I wait.
Imagine if this became a habit, blimey. That would be so great things would always be tidy.
But hang on isn't that just too simple. I take it back, that's like living in greyscale. Shame on you tidy, organised freaks.

Back to my bagel with cream cheer and frankfurter and more Saturday kitchen. FYI I don't like the chef presenter but I do limethe food
Tomorrow get to ride my new kit, new shoes and helmet from Specialized. New deep sections from Dura Ace.
Thanks to everyone for their support. Low key race tomorrow building up to first national on Windsor course.


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