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White doesn't clean too well

By  CJ Boom     18:03     
Pleased I ride in a black skinsuit most of the time. I just got a prototype white bike and it is properly difficult to keep the tubing clean and I've only had it 2 days. Did the mens race at Palace and it felt good, 800g frame. Note my bad form through the corner though...

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  1. woohoo check out that header pick nice! As for your crappy cornering we gonna have to start calling you GUY!!

  2. I was gonna defend your crappy cornering but the camera don't lie!

    Cool bike! So white is a bugger for cleaning eh? :( oh i just ordered a white cross bike... oops

  3. I had some grubby oil on my hands and I touched the bike next minute it was literally everywhere. Little fingerprints.
    Cross mud is ok, just washes off but oil I had to go and find a clean rag, a rag with a wee bit of oil just spreads more.