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By  CJ Boom     19:56     
I read in Simon Burney's CX book that one should lift your bike, as weight training, lift it in the same way as you would over a hurdle.

So I've been doing 20 min runs, coming back, nicely loosened up and bashing out 2 sets of 20 reps, each side.
I've been trying to keep the technique of the movement, working from a good solid core.
But unlike in a race, lifting the bike as high as a could. Just to work the muscles good time and trying to enable progression.

If I can handle 40 lifts, until my bike feels like a feather then a stupid hurdles every lap for 10 laps is a piece of cake.
I look like a flipping loser

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  1. I can imagine how this makes you feel like a loser. I've been pool running now for weeks...

  2. POOL RUNNING! That is a good idea

  3. Sod how it looks ... if it works then just do it :)

  4. Pool running with a cross bike on your shoulder. Yes!

    A Bad Idea™