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Swaines x Ventoux - Rapha 500

By  CJ Boom     19:33     
This is no Andy Waterman Oscar epic, nor is it of the calibre of a Rapha Continental Film. This is me just having a go.
Watch the video half way through it explains what I'm trying to achieve


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  1. Chapeau Mademoiselle

  2. I might have been a bit rubbish and missed it in the vid (that now won't load on this crap Tinterweb connection) but did you manage the 24 repeats? How many KM did it equate to too?

    'Hat' anyway - that is willpower². I tend to find half a dozen shots at Swains is quite enough.

  3. Cool...and a good video as well. How was it? I'm climbing Ventoux this summer. I might try and have a go at the Saines Lane collabo, but when no-one's looking.

  4. That's pretty damn cool. I'm using Swain's as a yardstick to see how my climbing improves; my aims are a lot more modest than yours. If I can do a dozen reps by May I'll be more than happy.