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By  CJ Boom     16:18     
Sometimes with the RCS team I feel like such a gumby, super fan. Especially wearing my RCS t shirt throughout the race.
But it was needed to get behind the scenes and as a result of Andy Waterman's video says it all and we're so pleased with the team's performance and effort to take Zak to the line and the win.

Thanks to the team and Brigga for putting up with us and thanks to Brigga for doing the little interview at the start. I never saw that guy leave the front of the race.

Dean told me today at 30km there was a crash and his cleat got twisted and he had to ride one footed for alittle bit before dropping back to the team car to find a shoe. And that's why they all ride the same pedals!

We all learnt loads. Thanks also to Phips and you can see his images of the pre ride and race here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/markdphillips/sets/72157626402499845
Here is the video:

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