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Lucky number 7

By  CJ Boom     12:34     
Got my bib number for the Paris Rouabix "race".
They've given me 7. Lucky for some and me because that means I am getting right in at the front pen. JACKPOT, no nutters for fall off on the cobbles in front of me and slow me down.

Bib no 1 is Sean Kelly.


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  1. Seven is just the BEST number. Coz, if you turn it upside down you can use it like a shovel, which is really handy for putting lots of cake in yer gob. Just ask John Torrode.

    (1986?! Good lord. I'd just starting riding club 10s at my local club when you first clapped eyes on daylight!)

  2. What fun (in a masochistic sort of way)! That's something that I've wanted to do/ride for some time, though I don't imagine my bib would be quite as 'select' as yours. Will look forward to a full report (with pictures?).

    Mike M.

  3. HA love it. number 7..... smash it Claire. Allez Allez Allez! HUP!

  4. Good luck Claire! Have a great ride :{o

    Looks like Hell's gonna be hot this weekend!
    Hup Hup Hup Hup!!!