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Pity me, NOW

By  CJ Boom     11:56     
I guess this post is me getting my excuses in early. But seriously. I'm flipping sick AGAIN. I had a week in Barca and I've come back sick. Couldn't finish the race at Palace on Tuesday so thats the 2nd race that I've DNF'd at and out of 3 races completed so far. I've finished 1!
Due to someone else not being able to make the Peterborough round of the Tour Series that means I've got to ride it. I'm not really ready for it.
So I need to know as many cold and flu remedies as possible ASAP.
So far I've had a Berocca. I'm drinking cough medicine by the litre, I've had a strepsil and some coffees and trying to do a litre of water a day.

Ooops I just sneezed all over the desk.

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  1. Rest. Water. VitC and Zinc. Rest. Fresh air. Rest. Fruit and veg. Keep off dairy. Easy on the cake, and don't forget to rest. Sudafed do a good nasal pump spray if you've got snot running out of your face.

  2. Sleep will benefit you more than anything else. Do you really only drink one litre of water a day?!

  3. Lee - I reckon as a minimum amount just at my desk. Doesn't account for drinks when i'm riding.