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Talking to Victoria Pendleton (The Background to the chat)

By  CJ Boom     12:23     
I spoke to Victoria Pendleton yesterday, (just my usual day....)
Her Royal Trackness was bubbly as ever and fended off some serious questions from journalists at Road.cc and bloggers who view feminity, long hair, GQ/FHM photoshoots and heels on women cyclists with feminist contempt.

So what was she talking about?
Gatorade - No
Track - No
Olympic 2012 - No
Sky Ride - Nearly but still No
Hovis - No
Oakley - No
EDF energy - No
A change of Sky skinsuit design - No

Cycletta - Yes

What is Cycletta you say... Well if you're a regular cyclist and not a women you'll probably wont know because it is not aimed at you. The event focuses on attracting new cyclists to try the sport and more specifically the sport of sportives.
Victoria is championing a campaign called Cycletta, which has managed to get Grazia (women's fashion mag) as a media partner. Not bad.

So there are 2 rides. The first is 40km at a zoo and the second is 40km at another zoo. The entry price tag initial glance looks super high £25 per event, or £45 for both.
But it cost £75 to enter the London Triathlon and those walk or run for cancer events it £35. Unless your pitching a high price your firstly not going to able to make it worth the Olympic medallists while and secondly it won't command the attention of women who have never tried cycling. They'll pass of the event as being micky mouse if you stick a £10 Audax price tag on it.

And too be fair you get to ride alongside a woman that has nearly as much gold to her name as the queen (maybe not), there is a helmet hair remedy center, a massage, 2 magazines for free and other celebrities taking part ie. Miranda Hart who I find very entertaining. Plus my friend Dynamite / Campbell's Snoop saw her cycling up the big hill in Richmond Park once.

Ok so thats probably explains why I'm sat in my chair with my phone to my ear at 11.45am, Friday morning talking to Victoria Pendleton.

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