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National Champs - 17th

By  CJ Boom     18:08     
Photo Cred: Stuart Nisbett. A strong start

Well, it didn't really go to plan and its not really because of any other reason than fitness. My form dipped because I just didn't do my racing, turbo and cross. Unlike Delia Beddis who slung in, 3 hard cross races of the festive week.
Photo Cred: Paul Sheers. I don't have a mullet

A good start with Beddis put up up at the front, the three contiental pros had slipped away and we weren't about to chase. Half way through the lap the strong Trophy riders started to move past, Robinson, Rowntree, etc. Beddis lept on the back. I think I spent too much energy in my start.
After the first lap, took a big gulp of air and wanted it to stop. Emily Barnes flew past me with a group of seven in tow and I hopped on the back and fought hard to stay there.
Photo cred: Stuart Nisbett. Working with Emily

Felt better and moved up to the front to keep the pace up, hoping to burn off a few riders from the group, which we did and also got attacked as well.
The group became Emily, Myself and the Buick sisters who were riding hard. We mixed it up with everyone taking a turn but into the final two laps something hit me (not actually hit me) and I really started to struggle, yo-yoing off the back. I just wanted to be out of the wind. The back is the worst place to be as you are the slowest out of every corner.
Thinking back, nothing was going through my mind, no thought of a plan or attacking, just sticking with them.
I should have attacked and perhaps had a mini burst which would have made everyone chase then we could have a rest.

On the final lap Imogen Buick attacked after the start, Emily reacted and I just couldn't. Then into the finish straight for the bell it really just ended, up the next short climb and I was in turmoil, I looked up and the gap was several bike lengths and then I just conceeded.
They left me and I continued to ride the final part of the course, knowing I couldn't contest for top 15 which annoyed me.
Emily did stick with it and as I entered the final 3 turns I saw her burst of speed and powerful sprint. Emily finished at the victor of the group.
Delia's ride was very strong placing her safely inside the top 10, in 8th position.

The Good:
A strong start
Fast over the hurdles, I made up several lengths on riders
Leading the group to give Emily a bit of recovery
Technical - e.g. I didn't fall off or make a mistake
My bike is working fine
Cyclephotos.co.uk Vicious Velo Photo Story

The Bad:
The freezing weather meant I couldn't get warm, even in my warm up, even with warm up cream
The lack of technical - I like technical because where others lose ground, I make it up. But when its not there my fitness or lack off shows up more
Not getting into the top 10 for the 3rd year running

Making it perfect:
Bring back the bridge at Ipswich
Add a dash of rain to make it alittle slippy.
Giving up and not attacking
Better British Cycling video that has more than 45 seconds worth of footage of the women's race

1 Helen Wyman Kona / FSA Factory Team 43 m 45 s
2 Nikki Harris Telenet Fidea Cycling Team @ 1 m 2 s
3 Annie Last Milka-Brentjens Mountain Bike RT @ 1 m 2 s
4 Gabriella Day The Chainstay - Renner @ 2 m 14 s
5 Louise Robinson (v) Stourbridge CC @ 3 m 11 s
6 Isla Rowntree (v) Stourbridge CC @ 3 m 49 s
7 Hannah Payton (j) The Kinesis Morvelo Project @ 4 m 37 s
8 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo @ 4 m 44 s
9 Diane Lee www.Zepnat.com RT/Kuota/GSG @ 4 m 55 s
10 Bethany Crumpton (J) Halesowen A & CC @ 5 m 18 s
11 Rebecca Preece (J) Red Rose Olympic CC @ 6 m 16 s
12 Leona Kadir La Fuga - Sigma Sport @ 6 m 18 s
13 Sarah Naylor Ashfield RC @ 6 m 40 s
14 Emily Barnes (J) Rapha Condor CC @ 6 m 52 s
15 Imogen Buick (J) Moda-Diablo Racing @ 6 m 52 s
16 Anna Buick University of Manchester CC @ 6 m 56 s
17 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor CC @ 7 m 29 s
18 Keira McVitty (J) www.buzzcycles.co.uk/Forme @ 7 m 55 s
19 Nikola Butler Inverse RT/Cyclaim.co.uk @ 7 m 55 s
20 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands ! @ 7 m 58 s
21 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands ! @ 8 m 13 s
22 Helen Clayton Lichfield City CC @ 8 m 30 s
23 Jessica Stone Malvern Cyclesport @ 8 m 34 s
24 Helen MacGregor (V) VC Lincoln/Pygott& Crone/B&O/SPS @ 9 m 7 s
25 Elizabeth Clayton (V) Lichfield City CC @ 9 m 23 s
26 Verity Appleyard XCRacer.com @ 9 m 45 s
27 Emma Johnson X RT/Elmy Cycles @ 9 m 52 s
28 Phoebe Sneddon Mulebar Girl @ 9 m 52 s
29 Sarah Woods (V) Wight Mountain @ 10 m 4 s
30 Louise Mahe Mulebar Girl @ 1 lap
31 Lynn Bland (V) Norton Wheelers @ 1 lap
32 Rebecca Keogh Solihull CC @ 1 lap
33 Louise Rickard (V) X RT/Elmy Cycles @ 1 lap

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  1. Top ten looks tough Claire, don't be too hard on yourself. Well done!

    How come you raced as RCC not Vicious Velo?
    Oh and my new 'cross bike was made for the Vicious kit!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. They have used the wrong club, the monkeys in the BC office don't ever get the club right, when you change mid-season it seems to go all strange.
    I am wearing Vicious kit, which counts.